At least once a week I hear a horror story from a candidate or a client about an experience they had with another recruiting firm.  These range from simple bad practices to complete unethical behavior, but at the end of the day they all make me want our clients/candidates to expect better.  When did the average recruiter become the sleazy used car salesman of the tech world, shuffling paper with very little to no value added?   Here are a few examples of bad practices we should not accept:

Resume spams – As a candidate you should know anywhere a recruiter is sending your resume to and as a client you should not accept a resume submittal where the recruiter has not received this ok from the person that owns the document.

 The Pitch – As a candidate I wouldn’t let a recruiter submit me somewhere if they couldn’t tell me about the company.  Companies should test any recruiting partner they work with and make sure the company pitch is dialed in.  If it isn’t, that recruiter is hurting the potential candidate pipeline.  The hardest issue to overcome when talking to a candidate is when they have already said no to an opportunity because they heard a poor pitch from someone else.

Follow up – After each interview there should be communication, if there isn’t you are dealing with a paper jockey who is of no value to the process after shuffling a resume around.  This includes calling to tell a candidate that they did not get the job and helping them to apply the reasons why to their next interview cycle.  We make a pretty penny when we make a successful placement and we should earn it.  Guiding our candidates through the process is part of the job.

Ethics – This is a big one.  I hear crazy stories that relate to this area all the time and it baffles me that some of these recruiting firms are still in business.  If you can’t trust the person that is helping you with a decision as large as a career change, then you shouldn’t be working with them in the first place.

The rush for talented workers in this competitive market has led some to believe that it is necessary to work with any recruiter that dangles something valuable in front of them.  This is a short sided approach that I believe often ends badly for all involved.  There are some truly talented and ethical recruiters out there and as someone in the industry I have heard all the stories, good and bad.  Drop me a line and if my team can’t help you, I will make sure I find you someone that can.

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