Some helpful info for your job interviews!

What follows are my tips on how to prepare for the interview itself, how to conduct yourself at the interview and, most crucially perhaps, examples of the kind of answers we interviewers REALLY want to hear.These are grouped into categories known as ‘competencies’ as the approach most modern organisations take these days is the ‘competency-focused’ interview. After all, we, as professional managers, are trying, on behalf of our organisations to secure the services of the most wonderful, motivated, efficient and productive employee, while trying to show how clever we are at recruitment at the same time!


Who will we send your resume to?

We will only send your resume to a client for a role that we’ve discussed with you first.  We believe this is key to the confidential relationship we have entered into with you.  Do yourself a favor and make sure any other recruiters you are working with are doing the same.

Do you pay referral fees?

Yes we do!  We have found that good people tend to know other good people and we would love to be introduced to anyone you would like to refer.

What are a few good questions I should ask in my interview?

“Keith Neighbors was interviewed by Truth in IT here and at 9:18 you can hear some of his favorite questions to ask in an interview”.

What is a Yottabyte?

 In short it is a ridiculous amount of data, more technically the yottabyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information. The prefix yotta indicates the eighth power of 1000 and means 1024 in the International System of Units (SI), and therefore one yottabyte is one septillion (one long scale quadrillion) bytes. The unit symbol for the yottabyte is YB.  1 YB = 1000000000000000000000000bytes = 1 trillion terabytes.

Who pays your fee?

The clients we represent happily pay our fees when we find them great employees like you.

Does Neighbors & Associates work outside of the Data Storage space?

Not at this time.  We have found that our focus in one space allows us to uniquely position our candidates and provide them with a higher level of service.




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