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If you are looking for the next step in your career in the storage industry you have come to the right place. The founding team at Neighbors & Associates has been working exclusively in storage since before wonderful things like Linux kernel version 2.6.0 and “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” were released. That time has been spent creating long-term and meaningful client relationships that we can now leverage to find you the right job. We work with all stages of startups and have knowledge of current and upcoming opportunities for stealth and low profile clients. We think, not only about how your skills will be a fit for our open roles, but which client and technology is best for your career. We represent five major disciplines including Engineering/Development, Marketing, Sales, Support and QA. Whether you are at the pinnacle of your career, or just getting started if you are looking for the right fit and for a place to make a difference in your life and technology then you should be working with our team.



How we are different

We want you to expect more from the recruiters that you work with and it is our goal to be the example of what that should look like. We put great value on making this a positive experience for you regardless of the outcome. We will help guide you to give the best presentation of your resume and skills to each specific role. We will prepare you for your interview based on our experience. We will do our best to clarify expectations so no time is wasted, no meeting is unproductive. We will give you feedback, constructive criticism when warranted and will help you navigate the sometimes murky waters of finding a new role.

Why We do it

Our team has all worked for large heartless recruiting agencies at some point in our individual careers. We have all walked away from them in order to create a better, more humane experience for ourselves and our candidates. It wasn’t that hard to be better, all we had to do was think about how we would like to be treated. In the end we created a firm that we would use. We respect you, we are happy when you are happy and we sleep well at night knowing that we are guided by honesty and integrity. Frankly it’s much easier this way, but don’t tell our competition.





“If you work in storage technology, Keith is THE guy to know when you need to find or fill a job opportunity. His connections, intelligence, and integrity drive the success of his clients and partners. He placed me here and it’s the best job of my life.”
Fred Love

“It was a great experience working with Jeff Graves. He is responsive, attentive to all details, he was always looking ahead and making preparation for my next step during the interview process. When I had difficulty deciding between options, he was always there giving advice but never putting pressure on me. I have worked with Jeff twice and am completely satisfied with the final results.
Tyan Wu

Sarah Beddow was the first recruiter I have ever worked with – and hopefully the last!   Not because she wasn’t great to work with – just the opposite actually – but because she hooked me up with my current company that I hope keeps me busy and wealthy for the next 20 years.   If I do go looking to leave though – Sarah will be the first person I call.   She was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She did a great job coaching me for the interviews and checked in with me regularly throughout the process.I enjoyed working with her immensely.
Mike Taylor

I have worked with Lionel Lee on multiple occasions now, each time he really spent time to get to know me and what I was looking for. After that he went to work and got me in touch with companies that were excellent matches for my skill set and where I wanted to grow. I’d recommend Lionel to anyone looking for a job (or for a new hire) in a heartbeat. 

Looking forward to working with Lionel again in the future.
Iwan van der Schoor

I have worked with Mike Minor twice during a job switch and I have also recommended several people to him, many of which landed in excellent positions. From my experience, Mike is extremely professional, prompt and very knowledgeable about the storage & systems domain he works in. He has the knack of identifying the right company based on the needs of his candidate and he does not sell or push anything on you. He is aware of critical details about the company which he is willing to share. I would recommend Mike (as well as Neighbors and Associates) for anyone looking for positions in the storage domain.
Shree Kumar

It was a pleasure working with Stephanie Van Tuyl during my job search – which was very brief thanks mainly to her. She took great effort to understand my technical skills and background and came up with a list of companies that would be a good technical fit. She helped narrow my search based on my expectations from the next role. She was prompt and professional in setting up all the interviews and in following up with the results. I would definitely recommend her as a technical recruiter.
Kumar Thangavelu


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