Helping you Find The Talent You Need

Is your inbox full of resumes that are not even close to what you need?  If you answered yes, you are our favorite kind of client.  We work hard to minimize your time spent looking at the wrong candidates’ resumes and maximize your time meeting the right ones.  We are able to do this by tapping into a database of storage professionals that we have spent over a decade building.  At Neighbors & Associates we believe in bottom line results and that means successful hires that make a difference in your company.  We believe our work speaks for itself so please take some time to read some of our client testimonials.





 How we work

Every client and engagement is unique, so we offer several different solutions to address each need.  Below are our three most common ways of working with you:

Contingent Talent Search:

This is our most common way of engaging with our clients and as the name implies we put our money where our mouth is. You don’t owe us a fee until we help you make your ideal hire.

Retained Executive Search:

We only take on a small number of executive searches because they are far more resource intensive. That said these are some of our favorite searches because the impact our candidate will make can often times be much greater.

Monthly Focus At A Fixed Rate:

During times of extreme growth some clients need additional focus and attention from our team. We can offer a monthly charge with a discounted per head hire to address these situations.

Client Testimonials
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